Virtual Activism 

Within the Lockdown period and New wave of the BLM Movement

Reacting to the events of the world, exploring what ways I can continue important conversations within my small but growing online presence and within my practice as an artist. 

Inspired by John Boyega and his powerful moment at the one of the first UK BLM protests of after the death of George Floyd. Within the many new types of 'new normals' we have witnessed this year the growing level of online activism is monumental. This caused the movement to be sparked across the pond and within days the whole world seemed to be talking about it. Social media became a platform for activism and seemingly nothing else for a number of weeks. Months later when the social feeds seemed to have gone back to normal I watched John Boyega's emotional speech again and produced this piece, quoting a section in hope that other people may continue the conversation. However as a white artist didn't want to use this important movement for my own benefit so I dedicated this post to promoting various black artists I follow on Instagram in hope to #amplifymelenatedvoices and continue the movement

Use this link if you'd like to learn more about this movement 

Marcha P. Johnson, June 2020, Digital

I tried to put as much love into this digital painting as I feel Marcha P. Johnson put into life and the people around her. The "P" stood for "Pay it no mind" which she would say to those reacting negatively to her gender.
She was a black, transgender woman, drag queen, working the streets and knowing her rights to be politically engaged.
Her and Sylvia Rivera never gave up on the fight for Trans rights and that's why their stories (whoever threw the first object at Stonewall 51 years ago) are important to this day. The people in 1969 paved the way for a lot of the current freedom but there is still so much to do.
Black Trans Lives Mattter and they are being subjected to violence as racism and misunderstanding of them continue across the world. It should be everyone's cause to help others understand this injustice.
But if you're not sure where to start with this the best thing to do is listen to those effected and educate yourself. I would like to suggest the "Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson" and "Disclosure", both on Netflix.
If you don't have Netflix check the link in my bio for more information.
I will also be making this painting available on Redbubble where you can purchase this image on anything you like and I will donate any money I make on to Black Trans Lives Matter charities including the Marsha P. Johnson institute