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Steps to get into the Indrustry

Taking this MSc I was specialising in animation from Fine Art but really I was opening up a whole new industry I would need to specialise further into. So that's why I thought taking this course and creating a film to go through the whole pipeline would give me an idea of what I might be drawn to specialise in. However since the course began I struggled because there were so many things to do and so many routes to go down with the production of my film, I just wanted to do it all.

It wasn't until the group project that I really knew that's what it was, an interest in wanting to see everything grow together and orchestrate the assemblage of it all.

In terms of finding where I am drawn to in the industry, the Going Living project particularly helped with this. Directing and production managing my group project was extremely fulfilling. Seeing the whole production and getting people active and excited about it was so amazing, and I knew it was definitely something I would love to do again.

After completing the project and doing more research into production management and production roles, I feel that it is a perfect route to pursue going forward.

Throughout this term have been researching this role and how people have moved up into it from assistant to coordinator to manager to producer. I have made particular good finds on LinkedIn, viewing people’s profiles to see how they moved up in their careers and what companies they worked for.

I have also been researching more studios and keeping my eye out for production assistant roles. I believe my experience with the pipeline this year will give me an edge in applying to these roles and I will continue to network and use this year’s experience to support my future career.

As well as keeping in touch was those at Wild Child Animations from the group project, I also have been reaching out to a few of the people I found on LinkedIn and some suggested by Susan. There are a few that I will be chatting within the next coming weeks.

To expand my people skills I have been researching through TedTalks, videos and will be signing up for a Screenskills Experience and Training Leadership workshop in September.

I have also signed up to attend my second Animated Women networking event in a few weeks time, so I hope to continue building up my network through that and gaining more and more knowledge on the industry.

As well as production role interest I have also been picking up more art commissions and freelance illustrations. This will be a great way to keep my creative juices flowing as I test the waters with production, I'll always have artist roles I can work to take on.

I recently completely redid my CV in preparation for job applications:

Videos I have found useful for Production roles: - How to be a production manager in the animation industry (Screen Skills) - How not to take this Personally (Ted Talk)

- Production Management - ACCESS:VFX Meet the Industry - How to Get Hired as an Animation Production Intern: Q&A with Althea Rapio (Part 1) - Getting Organized with Production Management | Animation 101

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