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Figure Drawing at the Botanical Gardens

As the summer term meant there were only postgrad people around there weren't any Life Drawing sessions to go to. However, Lipin and Luke were delighted to find that there was a free session at the Botanical Gardens down the road.

This was a lovely break from the heavy computer work I had recently done for texturing and Animatic Blocking. The session was about 2 and a half hours in the greenhouse and it went quickly with many different poses. The model seemed to love getting as close to nature as possible which was an excellent opportunity to practice the figure drawing in conjunction with the plants.

I tried to draw the environment with each pose to help line the proportions, something I'm always wanting practice with!

I definitely would like more experience working on my lines with different plants and leaves, a stronger connection between some of these figures and plants would have greatly improved these drawings.

There was a pool of materials to choose from in this session so I had fun playing with the colours available, particularly enjoying the bright on black combination.

As well as the line work I was also able to experiment with lighting my favourite being this final one I sketched between the reads.

This was a perfect break from 3D work and I believed loosened up my abilities to finish animatic work and character design.

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