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Animations and Video Work

In May 2021 I was commissioned by Olusola Oyeleye, lead lecturer at St Mary's University, London, to animate moments to accompany a theatre performance created by the final year students. I supplied 13 different animations to feature along this performance.  


Work currently in progress on a personal animated short film project titled 'Whole Punched'

Watch a sneak peek here:

Mousehole Films Opening Title Animation | Commission | 2020

2D animated opening title sequence. This was a commission from Mousehole Films, a production company based in Scotland, specialising in History and Natural History, and will feature at the start of all their films. 

Aspen Coppice | Installation, Ink on paper, Animation | 2019

The video featured here is documentation of the final project within my BA (Hons) Fine Art course at Lancaster University. It was exhibited in the 2019 LICA Degree Show which ran for 10 days in June that year to signify the end of the degree. The large painting that the animation is projected on measures almost 3 metres wide! 


"In the way these branches and trees create a staggering atmosphere with their presence, I wish to connect these aesthetics to the overwhelming nature of depressive, anxious and obsessive thoughts that come with the hidden struggles of mental illness.
Inspired by a childhood sketchbook that I kept during my personal experiences with mental health difficulties, I am exploring the feelings and emotions brought back from looking at these images. Forests were something I grew up around. During difficult moments, when I refused to leave the car I would find distraction in focusing on the trees, drawing them with as much realistic precision as I could. Many of my feelings as I was growing up with the depression, like the slowly constructed branches, were embellished in the tangled foliage I drew.
I am working from my head to create manifestations of these obsessive thoughts, embodying the dark energy with these foreboding entities hidden within the forest “mind-scape”.

Underground Cinema | Collaborative Installation, Mixed Media, Animation | 2018

The Underground Cinema was a collaborative piece created at SUNY Binghamton, NY, in an Experimental Animation class run by Ariana Gerstein. The piece gathered the items left behind by Ken Jacobs, founder of the cinema department and experimental filmmaker in his own right, and produced an installation confined to one room. Projected onto the sculptural landscape created by the hoarded items were animations inspired by the artefacts.  There were many items and books that seemed to uncover a different time period entirely and we tried to refract these emotions with this portal of a room. 

Like Paper | Stop-Motion and Digital Cell Animation | 2017

This animation was created using stop-motion and a rotoscope cell animation technique. It portrays the disintegration of a habit considered home to the featured animals' wolves, bears and deer. This final product was the result of a beginners animation class at SUNY, Binghamton, NY. Put to a vote, this animation was chosen from the class to be screened at the Student Film Showcase at the end of the semester.

The Scenic Rout | Video | 2016

This is a music video I shoot and edited for experience with this style of video production. It was one of my first editing projects and I am still very fond and proud of the result.

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