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With my various experiences in media, I have developed an interest in the Production side of the animation and video industry. 


Production Assistant

For 10 months I worked at Axis Studios as a Technical Production Assistant on an animated series for Marvel. I handled a lot of the deliveries on this project as well as covering tasks for many of the Production Coordinators. I will hopefully be able to disclose more about this soon!


Digital Content Creator

In this role at the non-profit, Inspira, I was in a marketing team of 4, creating video and social media content. I was organising schedules, video shoots and many production assests. 

Director/Production Mannager

Producing a 30-second Ident Brief. I lead a team of 6 to through the whole production. This project was extremely enjoyable and I felt very at home organising the process.

Production Assisstant

LA1TV is an award-winning Student Media Station producing video content and Live Streams. I helped produce and lead many live projects and some post-production. 


MSc Industry Group Project

In my MSc in Animation and VFX, I was Director/Production Manager for my group in our industry-partnered group project. The Module was partnered with Wild Child Animation, they gave us a brief for a 30-second ident and we delivered the project with advice from the studio throughout.

It was a great insight into the industry and gave us experience in pitching, delegation of tasks and general organisation.

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