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Interested in buying any of the art you see on this site? Feel free to contact me directly or check if I have made them available on my Etsy shop!

Greeting Cards.jpg

New Hand Painted Ornaments!

Social Zine.jpg

Risograph Zine

This Zine is my result of the "Zine Not Heard" project by Blaze Arts and Dizzy Ink who kindly provided the risograph printing. My zine explores themes touched on by the Social Dilemma (2020) documentary. I took this discussion about the digital age and put it to an analogue format 


Art Prints and Greeting Cards

My shop stocks art prints and cards all printed on to 100% recycled paper! I find the 250 - 300 gsm uncoated finish to be the most satisfying for my rustic style, its got a lovely touch that looks good in and out of a frame! 

Greeting Cards.jpeg
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